criticizing the critic with a set of tools.

Like a chef in a Restaurant, the chef is not the only person in the restaurant being able to prepare food. However he/she is able to provide food for a bigger audience with a lot of experience and training.  When the food is displayed and ready to be eaten by the customers, there is a freedom to comment on the quality of food.  The Artists for the past years have in my opinion been in a more safe position.  The art critics are the only ones able to  'touch'  the work of the artists.This feels as if the audience can never be part of the evaluation or be helpful with developing ideas.

Like the chef, Creativity is not an exclusive skill only wielded by designers or artists. Yet often in Museums or galleries it feels like this is the case.The level of accessibility is very high and makes it more difficult for people to understand and comment on. 

With our research on Frederick J. Kiesler and his way of displaying art with his T and L system, We developed another radical approach on viewing art and design in a bigger perspective. We created a toolbox with tools based on the 5 senses of the human body and therefor naturally the senses we use when observing art and design. The tools vary from specific lenses to distort your vision to lollipops created from source materials serving as material samples.

Imagine the audience of an exhibition with these toolboxes to analyse/ criticize and or fortify a philosophy of the artist or designer.

By doing this, both artists and designers can evolve their existing ideas into better idea's to create a better world. And people spectating art and design can take a more active and involving role in existing ideas which often have the need to be explored more.

The value of the toolbox is to show that a critical statement is not enough to change the world even though we often think it is. The boundaries of arts and science are disappearing and the role as a master artist where you can draw your master plan doesn't seem to be suitable in a world where resources are becoming limited anymore. 

We need to remind ourselves we're in this situation together. And that conceptual ideas can be very beneficial for everyone. As long there is the right amount of people working on to make it a reality.

A set of tools, Created by:

Hannes Tennberg
Daniel Reinius 
Viktor Sundström
Michiel van Gageldonk

Konstfack, 2014

toolbox illustration

above you see a recreation of the L system from  Frederick J. Kiesler. The reconstruction is for the Kiesler exhibition in Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm, February 2015.