Michiel van Gageldonk

As his work, Michiel can be described as a playful combination between creativity and practicality

His attraction to manual labour together with a deep concern about the context we live in ,results in his unique way of working.

The concept of playing and the importance to apply it to art and design as well as our everyday life has been a matter of research for Michiel, trying to find the way to communicate it with physical results(as toys, furniture and projects in public spaces).

His experience in different areas around the design field has helped him to understand that collaboration is just as important as coming up with an innovative idea or product.

From very personal projects to projects related to local problems, Michiel’s flexibility makes him able to adapt to many different situations and challenges.

for more questions e-mail to michielvangageldonk@gmail.com mathijsvangageldonk@gmail.com